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Our Mission: We believe that education is a partnership with
responsibility shared by all: school, family, students, and community.
All individuals shall be provided a safe, positive environment
where they may reach their full potential as responsible citizens.
Welcome to the Wahkiakum School District, where we find the best in others.  
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Report a Concern or Incident?

Use the Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Anonymous Tip Line
Email or Text Info to: notinwahkiakum@gmail.com

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Need more info on school safety? Have a concern?
Contact Brent Freeman,
Wahkiakum School District Superintendent,
or call 360-795-3971.

Image Logo: Wahkiakum School District School Safety Center

School Safety Center

As reflected in the Wahkiakum School District Vision Statement, student safety is one of our District's primary goals.

Learning is the mutual responsibility of the student, staff, and the parents. The goals of this vision are:

  • To provide and maintain a positive school environment that enhances the learning experience for students.
  • To create, model, and maintain a school climate that develops acceptable social interaction and behavior.
  • To provide an equal education opportunity for all.
  • To incorporate technology into the educational environment to assist in meeting educational goals.

School Safety Resources

Harrassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)

Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB) Reporting Form If you or your student have witnessed or been involved with an HIB incident while at school, please click the link to download and complete this form.

Click on a link below to download a pdf for more information on HIB-related policies:

Policy: Policy No. 3207: Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
Policy: Procedures Related to Policy No. 3207

For any other questions related to HIB-related policies, please contact Stephanie Leitz, District HIB Compliance Officer, or call her at 360-795-3271.

Other Policies Related to School Safety

Policy: Policy No. 3205 and Procedures 3205P: Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited
Policy: Policy No. 3210 and Procedures 3210P: Students - Nondiscrimination

For more information on how to make a complaint of unlawful discrimination with your school district, download this flyer (titled Understanding How to Make a Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination with Your School District) or visit the OSPI Equity and Civil Rights Office.

Policy: Policy No. 4210: Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises

Mental Health Awareness: Resources for Continuing the Discussion

In May/2017, several Wahkiakum High School Clubs joined together with the support of Wahkiakum Health and Human Services to learn about and educate students about a variety of mental health issues.

Around that same time, there was also lots of discussion on social media about a popular Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why.

Learn more about WHS Awareness Week, the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series, and links to a variety of resources to help students, parents and educators continue the discussion of topics addressed during Awareness Week and in the Netflix series.

Internet and Technology Safety - Resources for Parents, Guardians and Family Members

There are always lots of questions about kids and technology. One of the most important things to remember is simply to talk to the young people. If you are a parent, guardian, family member or an adult who interacts with youth, you are invited open the dialog about using technology and the internet safely. Ask questions. Show an interest. Talk! Then, listen.

Not sure how to get the conversation started? Take a moment to check out these resources:

Social Networking, Digital Safety & Cyberbullying — A Tip Sheet for Parents, published by the State of Washington OSPI

The "Tip Sheet for Parents" also has links to these articles along with links to other outside resources:
Cyberbullying Prevention: Questions Parents Should Ask Their Children About Technology
A Student's Guide to Personal Publishing
Technology Use Contract

The OSPI School Safety Center offers a wide variety of general resources for schools and families to consider for school safety. Many topics are covered, including information on bullying, cyberbullying, prevention, and legislation protecting students.

For any other questions you may have about school safety or other resources you'd like included on this page, please contact Brent Freeman, District Superintendent.